Industrial Vacuum Trucks

A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a heavy duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load solids and/or liquids through suction lines. The truck can be configured to be a direct PTO/belt or a PTO/hydraulic drive system. The pump can be mounted in two ways, either directly on the truck or on the trailer with a pony motor.

Imagine a dump-truck sized shop vac. Essentially that is what an industrial vacuum truck is.
These vacuum trucks may be used for any substance that is loose enough to be pumped to be removed. The substance can be virtually anything. We have a variety of hose diameter sizes and lengths that we can attach best-tailored to the task at hand.

Our trucks have the ability to "blow off" most products it sucks up, allowing you to save and reuse product. With our blow off systems we can pump the product right back into your system.
These are powerful machines and as with all of our practices, safety is never compromised. When the truck is stationary, power can be cut off from the wheels and transferred to the power take-off (PTO) from the vehicle's engine or a dedicated motor instead. The drive shaft can then power a variety of different functions.

How Can We Help You??

  • Vacuum Contaminated Product From Vessels/Tanks
  • Vacuum Product from rail cars (overfilled, bad product)
  • Vacuum Silos (corn, beans, sugar, startch, etc)
  • Vacuum Dryers (Germ, Feed, Startch, etc)
  • Vacuum Septic Tanks
  • Vacuum/Clean Elevator/Scale Pits
  • Vacuum/Clear Out Plugged/Contaminated Conveyors
  • Vacuum Rock Ballast from Roofs
  • Dust Control
  • Vacuum/Clean Collection Pits
  • A Wide Variety of Spilled Product

Our wet/dry vacuum trucks manage the safe removal, transport and disposal of a variety of materials from within many differant industrial and manufacturing settings. With 19 vacuum units in our fleet each truck having 2,600 to 3,000 gallon capacity we can handle your cleaning needs.