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The strength of BWC Companies's safety culture comes from the belief and conviction towards safety from the corporate level to the field level. Our core belief is that we can obtain an injury free workplace through employee involvement and coaching.

Over the years we have tried many techniques to get employees involved. We knew an employee could retain their safety training, but we wanted them to actively apply their knowledge, not because disciplinary actions would follow if you didn't but instead did so because they had a belief and desire to work safely, protect co-workers, customer employees, and the general public.

Our strategy is simple; we coach. We placed full-time Peer Safety Coaches at our sites and had their core function be to build relationships and coach employees on safety.
Employees saw that safety was not just something that was discussed at a weekly safety meeting or during training. At BWC we emphasize the importance of safety and take initiative everyday to show our employees that we genuinely care about them. Our Peer Safety Coaches are different than a site Safety Foreman in the aspect they do not enforce safety through discipline or "scare tactics", they get employee buy in through teaching and positive reinforcement.

We believe that employee moral is directly linked to our success in safety and that of employee participation.
To get employees involved in different aspects of safety, our Peer Safety Coaches take employees on audits through jobsites. We will bring employees in and assist in putting together company policies and training materials and have them help our Peer Safety Coaches in training other employees. Through this, we have seen many employees become safety ambassadors in the field. We are constantly creating new ways for employees to get involved and take ownership.

We acknowledge the importance of goal setting and stress having some sort of strategy in place to reach these goals. We consistently set short term goals for our employees to reach and provide them positive reinforcement for reaching these goals.
We took the initiative to get employees involved we did so by providing the right tools, the right training, and the through encouragement. We have seen saw 16% reduction in equipment damage, a 60% reduction in serious injuries and a 6% reduction in first aids.

It is with our dedication to our employees and customers that every job is done safely and right the first time.