The BWC Way

Founded in 1989 by Bill Whitters, BWC Companies has grown into an admirable business. Determined to build his business based on unparalleled integrity, innovation, commitment and safety these are the values that continue to live on and fuel our business practices today.

The diamond we wear on our uniforms isn't merely a badge of distinction in the workplace. It upholds the value of our founder and holds meaning our employees are proud to be a part of. Diamonds are known for being unbreakable; and they are treasured. The four points of the diamond represent a symmetry of balance.

Our four points are the BWC core values. Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Safety aren't ideals we work towards, we live them. This core set of values is the true essence of how we work. It is what you will find in any service and opportunity we offer you.

Industrial Services

Jeremy Zaabel (319) 360-8250
Ben Kane (563) 321-7833

Excavation Services

Jeff Zachman (563) 321-8433
Craig Zachman (319) 899-3943
Nathan Moses (319) 899-9987

What to Expect:

Founded as an industrial service provider, we have grown to be known for our full-scale industrial and excavating services with the deepest desire to serve your company needs fairly. You can expect the job to get done as quickly as possible at the highest standard of quality while upholding our core values.